L’Atelier des Sens offers practical, fun cookery courses for everyone. It's all hands to the wheel in our lessons! Our experts' knowledge is focused so the best quality possible is provided for each course on offer : courses in French cuisine, world cuisine, pastry-making, enology, etc. The course program is renewed every month and it is posted between the 15th and 18th of each month.

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French cuisine

Under the guidance of professional chefs, learn basic cooking techniques and actions and to master traditional recipes, for example, very refined or inventive ones.

Fresh market cuisine, local product cuisine, fusion cuisine, gastronomic cuisine, store cupboard meals, introduction to molecular cuisine and a focus on cooking techniques. Whether you are looking for traditional or trendy, or whether you are a beginner or an enthusiast, you will the course which suits you best.

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World cuisine

Let our foreign chefs take you on a voyage of discovery of new flavors and teach you to cook typical, fragrant dishes from Italy, Asia, the Orient and elsewhere.

Risotto or pasta, tajine or pastilla, naan or tansori, or perhaps you would prefer sushi?

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Children are urged, in groups of no more than 10, to get their hands right into the ingredients, under the guidance of their own dedicated chef, before feasting on the results.

The Little Chef cookery and pastry-making workshops are open to children between 6 and 12 and parents and grand-parents are invited to the duet workshops.
Teenagers are welcome at the 1- or 2-hour adult courses.

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Pastry making

The crème de la crème of pastry chefs are happy to introduce you to the techniques and personal touches required to make classic pastries and the latest in sweets and cakes successfully

You will discover how great home-made food is, and you will be shown how to use an icing bag to make macaroons and eclairs, you'll be encouraged to become a cake designer and create the most wonderful birthday cakes, knead dough for bread and hot viennoiserie cakes, and choose different flours for gluten-free cakes.

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Our sommeliers and enologists will reveal the secrets of choosing wine, how to taste it and how to talk about it. 

Our enology courses are aimed at all wine-lovers and include an introduction to the art of tasting, learning about wine-growing areas and wine and food matching. 


Other courses

Share your enthusiasm for gourmet products, the culinary arts and home-made food with our experts.

Cocktail workshops, chocolate, coffee, beer and whisky tasting, introduction to Japanese flower arranging and ikebana, and to natural cosmetics. There are no limits as long as our kitchens are suitable.